New Rules on Airline Passenger Protection in Canada

These are some very welcome changes and long overdue! New rules & $ compensation when you have major flight delays, or sitting on the tarmac for hours, bumped because plane is overbooked etc.

Excerpt from the CBC website, dated May 24th, 2019.

Federal government announces new rules on airline passenger protection, compensation

Some regulations take effect July 15, others start in December.

The federal government is rolling out its air passenger protection regulations on the eve of the summer travel season setting out what compensation airlines must pay for failing to provide adequate services to passengers.

The new regulations announced Friday will be launched in two phases. Some regulations come into force on July 15, while others will not take effect until December 15.

“Our goal was to provide a world-leading approach to air passenger rights that would be predictable and fair for passengers while ensuring our air carriers remain strong and competitive,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement.

“After a long and thorough consultation process, I am proud to say these new regulations achieve that balance and will give air travellers the rights and treatment they pay for and deserve,” he added.


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